Yasuaki Onishi: A Reversal of Volume

Yasuaki Onishi - Eclectix


Osaka-based artist Yasuaki Onishi is an installation artist, creating sculptures and site specific environments. Currently working with found materials and (in the past) LED lights to create forms and shapes. The pieces pictured here, which are titled - Reversal of Volume, is an installation created using “the negative space of stacked objects”. Everyday materials such as glue, fishing wire and plastic sheeting are used to create billowing forms. Yasuaki drips copious amounts of hot glue, creating long drips of spiderweb-like rain which attach to various parts of the shapes, joining floating clouds of mountainous plastic. They have an organic feel – almost like you are walking within a microscopic world of chemical structures and internal biology. Peaceful and beautifully otherworldly…

“I am interested in the visible and the invisible thing. Through my art work, I get information from the space and leave clues on the space. Form, color and movement is changed to the simple element, like points, lines and lights.” - Yasuaki Onishi

Yasuaki Onishi art - Eclectix

Yasuaki Onishi art - Eclectix

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