Winnie Truong’s Hair Art

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Featured Artist: Winnie Truong

Last weekend Eclectix was able to enjoy a few of Winnie Truong’s superbly surreal drawings at ArtMarketSF - their feathery finesse, wild tresses and implied transformations delighted us. Her works stood out with originality and skill, set apart from the most of the mass of photo heavy, over-glossed hotel art.

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winnie truong - eclectix artmarketsf


Truong uses many layers of colored crayon pencil, skillfully blurring the boundaries of surface by creating optical illusionary effects. The depth and sheen she achieves with her composition is lustrous and sleek, capturing the age old beauty of nature’s original adornment, gifted to human kind.


 Some of her works are simply playful and fun twists, while others add more serious thought and subject matter into the mix. She projects hair as a circular tie which binds us together in love and affection, or becomes unraveled in separation. In others it can be a visual key to age and our ever impending mortality. It may be juxtaposed as a youthful halo of elaborate curls or hidden behind, shielding with a protective layer of woven rope-like armor.

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