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Exhibition News

Artist Michelle Water’s has a new body of work – We Are All Animals,  currently up at Kalied Gallery in San Jose. Known for her empathetic and committed concern for animal rights, Michelle’s paintings are statements against the mistreatment of animals by humankind. Whether it be the food industry, factory farming or animal abuse – all fall under the wrath of her paintbrush. Many become strong icons, floating in a surreal sky or framed by halos of condemning facts. Who knew goat cheese was a cause for animal death? The things we learn…

It is not a question of Do animals have rights? But a question of What gives us the
right, to take life? Where do we draw the line? These are the questions behind the
paintings in this exhibition.

This exhibition is a benefit for Animal Place, a Grass Valley sanctuary for abused survivors of our industrial food system. A great cause, with wonderful furry and feathered artful critters, the show is up through October 26th, 2013.


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LINK: To Michelle’s Website

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