Artitechture: Water Tower Art Exhibit, New York

Water Tower Art Exhibit

Artitechture: Water Tower Art Exhibit

There is a great show which opened last Friday, of 50 illustrated water towers at Kikkerland in NYC. If you love models, little houses, run down shacks and weird little structures as much as we do, this is a must see! Composed of small models of water tanks, they are each adorned in their own way by individual artists. The show is curated by artist Chris Buzelli (above) and SooJin Buzelli for Boundless Brooklyn, who donated and sells the model kits.

Get ‘em while you can, the towers are only on display and for sale through this Wednesday, April 15th!

Kikkerland Shop, 493 6th Avenue, New York City

To see all 50 towers online, go here.



Tim O'Brien

Tim O’Brien



Incredible line up of artists in the show:  Aya Kakeda • Leif Parsons • Bill Carman • Brad Holland • Branche Coverdale • Charlie Immer • Chris Buzelli • Dadu Shin • Daniel -Zender • David Flaherty • David Plunkert • Ellen Weinstein • Eron Hare • Esme Shapiro • Eun-Ha Paek • Harry Campbell • Henrik Drescher • James Yang • Jason Holley • Jessica Hische • Jing Wei • John Cuneo • Jon Burgerman • Jonathan Bartlett • JooHee Yoon • Jordin Isip • Josh Cochran • Julia Rothman • Katherine Streeter • Kyle Stecker • Lars Leetaru • Leo Espinosa • Lou Pimentel • Marc Scheff • Marcellus Hall • Marcos Chin • Martha Rich • Gina Triplett + Matt Curtius • Melinda Beck • Ping Zhu • Roxie Vizcarra • Sam D’Orazio • Scott Bakal • Scott Campbell • Ted McGrath • Tim Bower • Tim O’Brien • Victo Ngai • Wesley Allsbrook • Will Smith • You Jung Byun




Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius


James Yang


Bill Carman


Henrik Drescher


Marcellus Hall


Johnathan Bartlett

Katherine Streeter

Katherine Streeter


Charlie Immer

Chris Buzelli

Chris Buzelli

Eun-Ha Paek

Eun-Ha Paek



More Tank Talk

In 2013, many of the real water towers, neglected and forgotten along the NYC sky line, were transformed by artists into wonderful visions. This was called - The Water Tank Project and you may remember seeing images of them pop up on social media. We certainly do!

It was/is part art exhibition, part awareness campaign. For the duration of the project, art above will be complemented by action on the ground through educational programs, public tours, social media activities and a symposium dedicated to inspiring fresh views on global water issues.


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