Video Art: Cirrus by Bonobo

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It’s not often that we post videos here at Eclectix – most of them seem to lack the imagination and artistic merit that we look for. This video – Cirrus by Bonobo is a real exception – a visual treat, graphically entrancing and clever in so many ways. Incredibly detailed, full of kaleidoscopic collage, surreal robots and retro imagery. It is set to Bonobo’s new single and perfectly synced with the music. Nice club beats that will be added to my workout playlist, pronto.

The video is produced by a UK company - Cyriak and it uses clips from a 1962 film about the wonders of consumerism. Hence, the wonderful vintage feel mixed with todays beats.  Do yourself a favor and check out this wonderfully trippy video…

LINK –  to the Cirrus video on Vimeo.


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bonobo-cirrus- Eclectix

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