Victor Nizovtsev’s Mermaid Paintings


Featured Artist: Victor Nizovtsev

We were transported to fairy tale land, when we happened upon Victor Nizovtsev’s mermaid paintings. Beautiful oils full of sensual ambiance, moody lighting and glittering romance. Fantastical serpentine sirens pose – on rivers of glowing Chinese lanterns or off in dreamland, eyes closed to the real world. A scaly soup of styles converge in his work which hint of Pre-Raphaelites, Gustav Klimt and Arthur Rackham – yet with a brighter, bolder color usage.

Siren song - Victor Nizovtsev 1965 - Russian Fantasy painter - Tutt'Art@ (6)

Victor Nizovtsev (Виктор Низовцев) was born in Russia but he grew up in Moldava, Chisinau. In 9th grade, Victor left home to study at the Ilia Replin School for Art in Chisinau. His university plans were interrupted when he left for a mandatory two-year stint in the army where he painted military plans and pro-military billboards. After the army he entered the Vera Muhina University for Industrial Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia, finishing with a degree in fashion design and decorative arts. In 1997 Victor moved to the United States where he resides with his wife and young daughter.


Siren song - Victor Nizovtsev 1965 - Russian Fantasy painter - Tutt'Art@ (5)


Victor NIZOVTSEV by Catherine La Rose  (14)

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