PREVIEW: Venice Bound at Modern Eden

Melissa Hartley - Eclectix

Two new shows are coming up at Modern Eden this Saturday and they both promise to be enthralling. The group themed show this time is Venice – and oh! what a subject to make my heart sigh. Of the few cities I was fortunate enough to visit in Italy, Venice is by far my favorite. The above piece “Tempestuous” by Melissa Hartley is so breathtakingly wonderful in every way, we had to pass it along. Hope it makes your day, like it did mine…

Melissa Hartley is an artist, graphic designer, cat lover, tea drinker, Francophile, movie and music lover with a terrible sweet tooth. She desires to create images of beauty and mystery that allow the viewer to find their own personal significance in them. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two cats, Ludwig and Wolfgang. - Via Melissa’a website

Venice is a city like no other on earth with its canals, baroque architecture, and fabled history. From the early Venetian artists Titian, Bellini and Canaletto to later artists like Whistler, Monet and Sargeant,Venice has been a constant muse and inspiration. Idealized and romanticized in art and literature, traveled and adored by countless millions, Venice continues to inspire to this day. The grand decaying architecture, the reflections off the grand canal, the dramatic horrors of the Carnival and the colorful delights of the sinking city all define an otherworldly place, a place of macabre intentions, where imagination fills in the blanks of what is possible. - Via Modern Eden

Opening: Feb. 16th, 6-10 pm, showing thru March 9th, 2013

Link to Exhibition Information


Archer Dougherty - Eclectix


The  concurrent solo show this time around is Bound, all works by the fabulous Archer Dougherty.  Brilliant colorations, waves of water and shapes, ever-symbolic swans and young women swooning with reaction – Archer’s works are beauteous compositions.

When Archer was small – smaller than she is now – she spent her time reading the Oz books, drawing, finding cicada wings her mother insisted belonged to fairies, and wending her roundabout way through private school. Aghast at suddenly finding herself grown up, and that the wings hidden in her Oz books actually do belong to cicadas, Archer’s work deals with the harsh transition from living in that imaginary world from her childhood, and the harsh reality of adulthood. Archer lives in Albuquerque with her husband and two children – some may call them dogs. She still reads the Oz books from time to time, and now tells her nephew the wings in her collection belong to real fairies. – Via Archer’s website

“Bound” became not a show title, but an experience. I became more free with my experimentation, gave myself up to exploration; I became infatuated with trying multiple surfaces and techniques, not to be ‘bound’ by one or the other. ‘Binding” relationships between characters, or the specific lack thereof, became a focal point. I have discovered so many things about myself working on this show, uncovering wells of emotion and spiritual depth, and am eager to keep moving forward on this untrodden path. – Archer’s exhibition statement

Archer Dougherty - Eclectix

Artists featured in the Venice show are: Melissa Hartley, Shawn Kawa, Jaclyn Alderete, Zofia Bogusz, Sandra Yagi, Thea Saks, Steven Suiter, Lara Dann, Cory Benhatzel, Emilio Villalba, Bradley Platz, Lauren May, Henry Schreiber, Redd Walitzki, Helen Bayly, Debra Gardner Abarca, Mike Bell, Erica Calardo, Derek Harrison, Cayetano Valenzuela, Melanie Alves, Amy Minchew, Natalia Pierandrei, Kenneth Burris, Larisa Voynova, Kim Larson, Kurtis Rykovich, and Daisy Church.

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