Symmetry: Traci Griffin’s Photography


Intriqued by the images we saw on 111 Minna’s site,  we decided to do a little digging through Traci Griffin’s photography portfolio. These are wonderful organic shapes she comes up with – mirroring trees, cropped hair shots – editing her images in such a way that they become ornately designed motifs. Branches become gothic ironworks, trees float and hair becomes amorphous feathery inkblots of symmetry, reminding one of those seeds that float about on the wind. The original subject matter is still desciperable but the overall result is another being entirely. Her website contains a lot of her clean commercial work  - but the Mirrors series is what got us hooked. (Find it under Art on Film on her site)

Traci has a solo show coming up at  - 111 Minna Gallery, Zappa Room

Opening: Nov. 28th, 5pm – Late

Exhibition Dates: Nov. 26 – Jan. 26th, 2013



“I’ve been working on this project on and off for almost 4 years. I read about symmetry in art, which seemed needlessly complicated. I learned that exact symmetry cannot be found in nature and allegedly the concept of symmetry in the universe has tormented famous philosophers for centuries. Perhaps this is why the images are slightly disconcerting. Personally, this project for me is simply about seeing something completely different in something so ordinary. It leaves you with a sense of wonderment and the possibility of a brand new synthesis.”


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