Tom Haney’s Little People

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Featured Artist: Tom Haney

Tom Haney’s little people are articulated doll sculptures which Eclectix happened upon at Red Truck Gallery. Inspirations of folk / Victorian / outsider art – they engaged and enthralled us. Some of the sculpted figures are set in antique theater inspired dioramas and some stand alone.  These are works that really need to be appreciated in person, their 3D liveliness and puppetry beguiles you with charm. They have fantastic character and personality with built-in robotics, each with a repetitive kinetic action. The movements are subtle and understated, just enough to give a hint of life and a smile to your face.



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” I cherish traditions, not trends. I love the old ways of doing things, old tools and traditional techniques. Working with one’s hands still has value. I believe there is a magical transformation that happens when mechanical movement is added to a static figure. This movement captures a viewer’s attention and holds it to the point where they are drawn into interpreting the stories the piece conveys. They are not merely observers but collaborators.”


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Tom has made some great little videos  showing his little people in motion with their inner gear workings. Click on either of the two images below to see - The Usual Suspects and Swim The Sea.




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