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On Oils
“Mark Ryden told me that Damar varnish would lead to alcoholism and divorce.  (It doesn’t age all that well.) Turns out that he and the museum restorers I talked to are all raving about the same stuff: Soluvar, by Liquitex.” - Via Isabel Samaras

On Watercolor/Gouache
Best not to finish, just frame under raised glass (with matt). Use Krylon Fixative if you have to, it may alter color a little but not as much as everything else.


“Rabbit skin glue is king. So is Dancolite.” - Via Pamela Wilson

Lineco bookbinder’s glue - Via David Ball


Rosemary and Co. (for oils) - Via Mary Jane Ansell

Pearl, sable fan brush for blending oils - Via Genevive Zacconi

“Isabey is my favorite brush manufacturer, oil brushes, long handled sables”
- Via Robert Steven Connett

Synthetic filberts (for oils) - Via Mark Bryan

Paints, Mediums & Glaze Brands

(recommended by artists we have interviewed, number of artists in parentheses)

Graham (1)  Old Holland (3)  Golden (5)   Holbein (1)  Atelier acrylics (1)

Winsor & Newton watercolors (1)

Genesis Heat Set Oils -”because I love oil paint and it allows me to paint spontaneous layers with a heat gun.” - Via Anita Collins

Spectrum Mediums  (1)

Golden gloss mediums & varnish (2)

Gamblin mediums and thinners, least toxic - Via Mark Bryan

Alchemist, Inc., amber painting medium (1)

Old Holland glazing solution (1)


Copic markers (2)    Promarkers (1)

Faber-Castell inks  (1)

Pelikan black drawing ink - R. Crumb


Arches (2)

I use the old Strathmore vellum surface paper, which is the best paper you can get in the Western world for ink line drawing – R. Crumb


Wood Panels

Finished, treated, sealed, 1/4 inch birch with 1 3/4 cabinetry moulding, – for collage, David Ball


Lambert’s glass & Saint Just Verrerie in France, - Via Judith Schaechter

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