The Visionary Art of Tuco Amalfi

Tuco Amalfi - Eclectix art


Visionary Art: Tuco Amalfi

We fell in love with the visionary art of Tuco Amalfi – dreamlike and full of psychedelic light, bursting with vibrant colors. It sends us into spiritual oblivion with lovely hallucinations – spirals of geometric patterns cast themselves onto cerebral landscapes. Art which transcends the physical world and portrays a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes… otherworldly botanicals which beg us to jump in and take a trip.

“Visionary art is not surrealism or fantasy, is a mission where the artist acknowledges , search and allows the divine inspiration so it can perform work beyond ego , beyond the fads , trends or influences to awaken in people the infinite within themselves.” 

- Tuco Amalfi -











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