The Vintage Macabre of Santiago Caruso

 Artist: Santiago Caruso


Featured Artist: Santiago Caruso

The vintage macabre of Santiago Caruso is a mix of surreal, dark, symbolist works painted with the nineteenth century’s aesthetic. They are beautiful paintings, haunting and harkening back to the days of yore. An Argentinian artist, Santiago is heavily influenced by literature – his work includes selections from Ambrose Bierce, Alejandra Pizarnik, and Daisaku Ikeda as well as HP Lovecraft.  He also has a wealth of cover art for publications through Miskatonic Press and Nightshade books, and is an active member of the Beinart International Surreal Art Collective.



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What first led you to the world of the dark and macabre?

You can blame Edgar Allan Poe for that and for many other things. He is guilty of it all. I read him when I was 12 – maybe too late, maybe too early – but he put me on the fantastic path to forever, with his unique concept of tragedy, mystery and poetry. Charles Baudelaire is the source of the evil as a main theme in my artwork. He led me to Rimbaud, Lautreamont and many others. So, I really enjoy that position between gothic romanticism and surrealism, which is the symbolism: strange mixture of poetry, the macabre redeemed by brushstrokes of a luminous sensibility, and a mythical view of the world on the search of higher powers condemning the ones who submit us into stupidity and decadence. – Via Last Rites Interview



“When I was a kid I didn´t see horror movies. My parents didn´t allow me to see those kind of things.  Today, I still don´t see horror films, in the new gore concept, I mean. I really like the tenebrism, the mystery, suspense, supernatural, but always aesthetic. Recently, I have found the films of Ken Russell and I must say that The Devils is now one of my dearest movies. My introduction into the macabre and horror was done by the hand of Edgar Allan Poe at the age of 12. Before that, I read fantastic fiction and comics. But with Poe I reached other lands, painted with dark glazes, strong and poetic words, and a macabre sense of the fantastic.”  - Via Book Aesthete: Contemporary



Artist: Santiago Caruso


Art: Santiago Caruso



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