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Yann Nguema, is a founding member and bass player for the band EZ3kiel. He also holds a M.A. in Fine Art is in charge of all the artwork for the band. He creates EZ3kiel‘s visual features, particularly for their touring shows, but he is also well known for his various commissioned works (Turin Olympic Games, French Ski Federation, Rennes Transmusicales’ Rencontres-i communication tools).These are stunning surrealist artworks transposed with elegant and finely tuned graphic design.




Below is an excerpt from what little we could find on Yann’s art -

“I never had a career plan, and I let myself be carried by the nature of the projects I got involved, including those of EZ3kiel. From the start the desire was to realize autonomously music, artwork, set design, video, website, software … on one hand for economic reasons and to master the entire chain of our production. Each project asks for research related to learning and opens new horizons.

After 20 years, the accumulation of experiences snowballed and allows me to always go further and further in the writing and in the singularity of projects. The common thread throughout my work remains the joint that can be made between the purely technical and artistic sensibility it must serve to be forgotten.

In this sense I consider myself an artist whose tool is the art or a technician with an artistic sensibility. These two aspects are intertwined and feed on each other. I am writing projects, and I try to achieve them. Whether with the image, light, lasers, wood, sand … my ambition is to do it differently, and explore new avenues. Perhaps in my own way I am a researcher …”

- Via City Sonic #13, (Google translated)

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