The Sensual Florals of Jacquelyn McBain

Jacquelyn McBain

Featured Artist: Jacquelyn McBain

Jacquelyn McBain paints beautifully sensual floral, botanical and nature based works. Long skin-like stems and vines, glisten with hair; delicate petals ooze and sweat and rounded organic shapes erupt from suggestively posed flowers. Petals and leaves fall away in exhaustion, peeled back like clothes strewn after a love affair. Add to this mix, her scientifically accurate depictions of critters and bugs, crawling among the debauchery and it is a visual feast, an orgy of stunning nature.

“My print series takes a title from Francis Bacon,”Experiments Useful for the Cure of Mens’ Minds.” In the time of Francis Bacon, the word “experiments” was mostly synonymous with experience. So the act of doing a thing, working it out for yourself, is so much more powerful than having it explained to you.  The natural world, if you are observant enough and have learned some basic principles of logic, testing and comprehension, will explain itself. If you paint from the painting of another painter, you are getting into their mindset, to some extent as musicians do when they play someone else’s composition.”

- Via an interview at HometownPasadena

If you live in the San Francisco area, drop into the Palace Hotel and check out the painting (at the top of this post), hung in all it’s glory in the lobby. (You might want to get some lunch in their Garden Court while you’re there… )

BestSt Margaret framed

Image 4 St_ Expeditus1 mcbain_15 Peony Tulip 007

St. Francis 003

LINK: To Jacquelyn’s website here.

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