The Royal Street Galleries in New Orleans

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Cool Art Stops on Royal Street

If you find yourself looking for cool contemporary art in New Orleans, then Royal Street in the French Quarter is the place for you.  This is a really fun street to stroll, with street artists, performers and musicians all along the way. And if you get an urge for some healthy fresh food or real French Roast coffee, we loved the cafe Petite Amelie, nearby on Royal at Dumaine.

There is quite a plethora of great spaces on Royal Street, from galleries which feature one solo artist – to group exhibitions of outsider or folk art – to emerging visionary and surrealist artists. Below, we have listed just a few of our favorites and some highlights of the artists currently on exhibit.




AFA Gallery

Packed full of wonderful art by artists we know and love: Daniel Merriam, Jennybird Alcantara (above), Nicoletta Ciccoli, Joe Sorren, Anne Bachelier and many others.

“The Gallery is inspired by wildly imaginative artwork that indulges the senses and engages the emotions with layers of  symbolism and dark complexity.”



voodoodoll bryan cunningham

Red Truck Gallery

Red Truck has a delightful folk art ambiance with cutting edge street and outsider influences. Again many great familiar artists as well as some newly discovered gems: Scott Hove, Bryan Cunningham (above), Jason D’Aquino, Tom Haney, John Whipple and more.

“Red Truck’s artists make beautiful, unexpected art with an emphasis on the importance of craftsmanship in creation of beauty. Our artists work in an impressive range of art styles and mediums, but all are meticulous craftsmen who relish the detail and hard work that goes into making a piece.”



Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.54.57 PM

Harouni Gallery

This gallery just features the art of one single artist – Harouni (above) . It is wonderful, dark and tactile work, large paintings of mainly figurative expressions full of smears and streaks.

“My paintings, as my life itself, can be summarized by the word palimpsest. Palimpsest means to draw and erase over and over again, having diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface.” – Harouni




Chris Buzelli

 Tresor Gallery 

A friendly and emotive gallery which features sweet and varied works by the likes of Craig La Rotonda, Christopher Buzelli (above), Dave Hind, Mark Bodner and many others.

“Tresor Gallery offers an extraordinary collection of figurative, narrative, outsider art, ranging from folk to fantasy and pop surrealism to macabre. The gallery’s objective is to support, promote, and collaborate with both emerging and established contemporary artists.”


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