The Psychedelic Collages of Sebastian Wahl



Featured Artist: Sebastian Wahl

We’ve been meaning to feature Sebastian Wahl’s crazy collages for months now and since he has a dual solo show (with fellow artist Justin Lovato) opening up – it seems the  perfect time. They’ve collaborated on the outstanding piece above for the exhibition card and we’re just loving the way it makes one’s eyes go all jelly-welly.

Colorful and swirling, eye-candy mysticism forms the basis for his imagery – mused by sacred geometry and shamanic visions. Sebastian channels these inspirations into the form of psychedelic landscapes, iconic, mandalic and spiritual mayhem.

Opening This Saturday in San Francisco:

Coalescence:  Sebastian Wahl and Justin Lovato

At: Luna Rienne Gallery, Nov. 14th – Dec. 7th








“In my collages I use hand made papers that I have been collecting since I discovered my medium in 1992. The images found in my collages are drawn from a collection I started at that same time. The constant search collecting and cataloging of images, papers and anything that could be used in my work is a large part of what I do and is one part of the process that I love.

Having lived in NYC for the past 20 years, mixing images taken from all walks of life is something that is important to me. It is what I love about NYC. Here on Manhattan there are all these people from all over the planet on one island getting along with each other. It’s a beautiful thing. My medium allows me to mimic this in wonderful ways; ways that sometimes make for quite surreal scenes.

The works have a story to tell and much like a good book that is read for the second time, I attempt to have my work reveal a slightly different version of it self over and over and if possible awaken the viewer’s imagination.”

- Sebastian Wahl -






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