The Otherworlds of Jon MacNair


Jon currently lives in Portland, Oregon and he creates symbolic wonderworks full of alchemy and mayhem. He works mostly in black and white, using pen and ink. Jon’s artworks are lively scenarios – full of scary Medieval critters, cat people and beautifully contained otherworlds.


“Overall my work is linked to our society in that the characters and scenarios are based on real issues we all deal with as human beings. The symbolism of the specific reoccurring images themselves is a bit more personal to me, and part of that is because they are images that have evolved over a long period of time. This is of course what happens when one draws a lot. So I have an attachment to some of the symbols because I have been drawing them for a while. Some of these visual elements are present simply because they are what I envision to occupy these worlds I have created. It’s sort of like decorating a room I guess. You know your own taste and if something looks out of place, you will notice it. If all the elements work together well, you’ll have a feeling of harmony.” - Via Jekllethyde

For Jon’s art blog – click here.

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