The Oddities of Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez

Featured Artist: Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez oddities are like mutated creatures from a science fiction novel, alien beings creeping forth from her dark imagination.  Cast against empty barren backgrounds with titles like “Elephant Man” and “Evolution”- they crawl or float, waiting  suspended in time. Alicia works in both digital media and paint – so strong is her style and vision it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two.  Beautifully dark and captivatingly bizarre, we can’t get enough of them!

Alicia Martin Lopez

“I am attracted to the beauty of strangeness, the mysteries of the unconscious and the darkness of its depths.  Understanding gives light to the unknown and makes it more familiar to us.  I don’t have any specific message with my work, for me it is more about the difficult process of self-understanding and shedding light on what I consider that deserves a chance to be seen.  It’s more intuitive and explorative, I am never sure what the final result is going to be.” - Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez




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