The Nocturnal Beauties of Stephen Fox


Featured Artist: Stephen Fox

We are entranced by the nocturnal beauties of Stephen Fox, visions of soulful and solitary habitations, poetic landscapes in the late hours of human civilization. Lit by street lamps, city skylines, iPhone radiance and sunset afterglows, they are serene and mysteriously beautiful moments captured under nights dark curtain. Stephen’s nightscapes have a spiritual illumination of transience, a calm meditation on the glow of the human moment, captured by muted light.

stephen fox art - eclectix

In addition to hanging out on highway ledges and granite boulders, I hike on mountain trails in the middle of the night, watching the moon slowly pass from one horizon to the next. It’s a study in waiting and observing, gathering information to be re-assembled in the studio. Though my paintings have been featured in books on Photorealism, I’ve never intended them to be fully documentary in character, or completely faithful to witnessed places or events. Much changes as a painting progresses, from the placement of forms to the weather and atmosphere that eventually emerges.

- Stephen Fox

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