The Madness of Michael Tunk


The madness of Michael Tunk is wonderful collage, with twisted elements of fun, sarcasm and healthy doses of Dada thrown in. Using vintage found materials mixed with current imagery, he manages to skew normal perception into a freshly bizarre and unique take. Cowboys gallop through space, vintage anatomical parts blossom from flowers and 1950′s ads become strangely receding landscapes. A great collaborator as well – he constantly reaches out to other artists to meld their vision with his – resulting in doubly surreal madness and goodness.


You’ve a chance to see Michael’s splendid work in his solo show which opens tomorrow, April 4th, composing up to 75 pieces plus a 9′ onsite collage installation.

Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda, opening reception from 6 – 9 PM, showing through April 27th.




michael tunk collage

michael tunk

“Michael Tunk takes photographs and magazines from the 1800’s-1980’s and re-contextualizes them into something beautiful. He takes refused detritus and spins a yarn of gold. He takes the weight from a hoarders home and fixes it into aesthetic candy. His pieces are never photoshopped, he uses only Xacto blades and what’s left of the bones in his wrists. Buy now before carpel tunnel grinds his hands to an octogenarian pugilist’s paws. I love you.” - Via Michael’s Website

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