The Leaves of Howard Steinberg




Foto Fix: Howard Steinberg

We stumbled upon the leaves of Howard Steinberg in the lobby of an office building, down San Diego way – a welcome respite from the normally mundane business art.  At first glance, they fool the eye, looking like realist graphite drawings… full of textured luminosity.

Printed at least 5 times the actual size of a leaf, showing every vein and mottled edge – the images are stunning in their simple beauty. Composed with grace, filling the whole frame, the leaves dominate with detailed beauty and organic skin-like folds. Howard’s black and white photographs are, for the most part, silver gelatin prints, printed in the traditional ‘wet’ darkroom.



My photographic journey has been, for me, a source of great excitement, pleasure and satisfaction. It has been an opportunity for me to discover and reflect upon the grandeur in the commonplace that surrounds us in our everyday lives.







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