The Intimate Parade of Nathan Spoor

Nathan Spoor - Eclectix

Over the years we have followed Nathan Spoor’s fantastic work with relish. We had to revisit and share some highlights from his personal series of ongoing works entitled ‘The Intimate Parade’, an open ended series begun in 2002. These are beautifully dreamy, and symbolic works – enveloping the classic surrealist style within a modern and intimate context.

 Spoor has penned the term – “Suggestivism” – to describe the meditative state from which he makes contact with a “world” located in the unconscious. These works are part of this narrative wonderland. Also a curator and arts writer, Nathan describes Suggestivism as an art movement, flowing from “the artist’s specific and unique vision, a psychological or even mystical manifestation brought into reality by an artist’s personal aesthetic… including a variety of vivid, original and technically obsessive individuals.” He has curated many superb exhibitions, most recently one at Spoke Art in San Francisco.

Nathan Spoor







Nathan Spoor



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