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Dorote Zaukaite

Dorote Zaukaite’s beautiful art dolls are pensive deep thinkers, exquisitely adorned and fashioned in poetic poses. Their gesture and implied movement is beguiling with an astounding attention to minute detail. Each doll’s garment is finely crafted, replicating original and creative textiles worthy of museum display. She uses many different materials – resin casts, porcelain clay, wire, glass and semiprecious beads, feathers, embroidery, countless various scraps of textiles, mohair fibers, paint, paper and even some whiskers form her dog… Gracefully serene yet torn by life, her sculptures reflect Victorian romance and fairy tales, mixed with darkly modern turbulence, right down to extraordinary platform shoes.

Dorote was born in Lithuania and began her career as a graphic designer. She fell in love with the idea of a doll as an art object, the possibility to express her thoughts through  dolls and started creating them in 2009.


Dorote Zaukaite


 About her childhood -

“I spent my careless childhood surrounded by love and fairytales. I was lucky to have two wonderful grandmothers and a grandfather and even a great grandfather – who took me into the world of beautiful memories from their childhood, to the world of magic and fairytales and stories, to the world of plants and animals which could feel and understand just like us – humans.

I just can’t describe the wonderful feeling of creating a doll. I enjoy each process. First they appear in my mind as a phrase or a feeling, and I am carrying them there for a while. I am trying to see as many details as possible – the face, the position, the colors, the fabrics of the outfit, all the accessories. When I know enough, I start to work.”




About her series, Tender Demons -

“Why Demons? Because Demons in antique mythology were caring and joyful creatures inspiring and guiding people. In fact, εὐδαιμονία eudaimonia, (literally good-spiritedness) means happiness. 
Sadly, when Christianity came to power, all ancient gods and spirits were condemned; people’s homes, green forests and blooming gardens were sent to the underground fires of hell, all and each of them were outcast, no matter what role they have played before. Maybe this is why my Tender Tiny Demons looks so thoughtful and sometimes sad.”











 Link to a great little video showing Dorote designing and making a costume.

Link to Dorote’s Doll World.


And last, a lovely forest creature... drawing by Dorote Zaukaite

And lastly, a lovely forest creature… drawn by Dorote Zaukaite


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