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Featured Artist: David Seidman

We don’t feature a lot of digital art here at Eclectix, but when we do it’s full of original creativity and imagination that cannot be denied. David Seidman’s art is all that and more – a feast of dark and pop surrealism which inspire beautiful meanderings of the eye. His marriage of all the techniques modern-day technology and old school classicism have to offer, result in phantasmagorias worthy of swoons.

Heads up, closing this Saturday, May 28th!  You can view recent works by David in his “Rapture” solo show at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, link here.

Stemming from David’s obsession with Catholic iconography, and inspired by the book for Revelations and its characters, Each of the Four Horsemen are depicted as a study on skull structure and textures, each identified by familiar symbolism and an incredible level of detail. In addition to the Horsemen, other major characters from the book are depicted in portraits, heavily influenced by the Zeigfield Follies girls that were being photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnson in the 20’s and 30’s.







“Basically, my process starts like every other artist, with sketches. Once I have a plan, I take all the reference photos I need and transfer them to my Mac. From there I do a lot of painting and manipulation with my Wacom tablet. Using the Wacom is very similar to a pencil or brush and my computer screen is my canvas… only I don’t get paint all over the place.” –  (Via Major Spoilers)



When asked what his greatest annoyance with the art world is, David had this to say – “The stigmata that digital artwork isn’t “real art”. I don’t believe art comes from the medium it was produced in, it comes from the artist and how they visually communicate with their audience.” - (Via Ladder & Key)










David Seidman


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