The Dangerous Girls of Kate Zambrano

Kate Zambrano-Eclectix

Kate Zambrano paints pretty pictures of pretty models with pretty intense attitudes.

Staring you down, giving you the evil eye or just that “come hither” look – smoldering with dare and rebellion. Some have the goth/punk thing going on, while others are haunted, sullen or disturbed and downright dangerous.

She leaves just enough areas of the painted surface, suggested or unfinished  - which contrasts with the saturated focal point, making for an impactful and dramatic image. Loose and smooth gesture flows in her adept brush strokes. We love these works and look forward to more fierceness from Kate.

LINK: to Kate’s website

Kate Zambrano-Eclectix

Below, some true words from Kate, via Tumblr - solsticeretouch-

Before you found this world, what did you do prior to that lead you to discover that you were good at it?

Well, I work my ass off everyday. I have no social life. I sit in the studio and try to push myself to be better. I didn’t crawl out of the womb drawing portraits. Natural talent is a falsity. I had to learn and still am learning about art. If you do something for hours a day everyday, you can’t get worse at it.

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Kate Zambrano- Eclectix

Kate Zambrano-Eclectix

Kate Zambrano-Eclectix

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