The Constructed Worlds of Graeme Webb

Graeme was introduced to the miniature diorama genre by exposure to stop motion animation. These ‘virtual realities’ are built from scratch using trompe l’oeil and other model making techniques and then photographed. 

His work is personal and revolves around childhood memories and fantasies. 

This meticulously detailed staged photography plays with elements of scale, texture and lighting and the never ending cycle of nature modifying man’s achievements. 

“The French symbolist painter Odilon Redon spoke of the power harnessed in using the language of the ‘visible in the service of the invisible’. Graeme does this in many refined ways a pinpoint attention to significant details here and there; a convincingly ‘realspace’ concoction of light and atmosphere; a careful manipulation of viewpoint and focus. All of these transport us away from the lichen, cardboard and paint, away from the table-top the images become convincingly other ‘places’. ”
David Neat

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