The Composites of Charles Wilkin


Featured Collage Artist: Charles Wilkin

The wonderful composites of Charles Wilkin have a linear eye with the seasoned influences of Dada, Man Ray and elements of vintage and current mass media. His simple collages are carefully edited and selected – yet seemingly deconstructed. While being tightly designed, the collages also manage to incorporate loose, almost random aspects of pure childlike abstractions, resulting in strongly blunt final images.

charles wilkin 1[9]

“Fundamentally my work investigates the innate struggle between cause and effect. Derived primarily from the study of headlines, sounds bites and idle conversations my assemblages attempt to transpose these disjointed remnants of media overload and targeted consumption into tangible yet uncertain analogies.

My motivation and objective is simply to mirror our behavior by fusing these cultural fragments into new stories that challenge our collective assumptions and aspirations. Offering in return alternate realities and uninhibited probabilities as a manifesto for absolution.”


art-july002_web art020 charles wilkin 6[9] Doube_Sided



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