The Bodyscapes of Carl Warner

carl warner - eclectix

The bodyscapes of Carl Warner are just as they seem – landscapes made from the human body. Working digitally, the various body parts are photographed, broken down and composed to create a seamless terrain of surreal barren beauty. Although there are a number of other artists out there creating bodyscapes – Carl’s pieces stand out. His editing, placement, composition and lighting of the various anatomical components is superlative.

Carl is a UK artist with a background in illustration, advertising, photography and printing. He initially established himself as a still life photographer, and then began to branch out into advertising – shooting people and landscapes for a wide variety of products and brands. He has become well-known for his fun foodscapes, (here) - but his bodyscapes are what hooked us – traveling into Dali-esque lands of elbow buttes, cratered pores and beautifully mountainous flesh.

carl warner - eclectix Headless-Horizon Pectoral-Dunes Shoulder-Hill-Valley The-Cave-of-Abdo-men

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