The Body Art of Michael Rosner



Artist Michael Rosner has a stunning series of futuristic body art paintings which feature Steampunkian robotic women right off the runway of a modern Metropolis. The models are hand painted and airbrushed with all manner of intricate machine imagery which may take up to 20 hours to complete.

Influenced by HR Giger’s work, Michael’s paintings incorporate gears and tubes, geometric and tribal designs and organic reptilian patterns. No computer enhancement is used and all props such as skulls, leaves, horns, masks and headpieces are real. His women are striking Amazonian robots, with hints of fetish fashion, fiercely futuristic yet hearkening back to ancient rituals and Pagan goddesses.

michael rosner body paint IIHIH

Painting is my key to the secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass. The airbrush started it. The natural progression of my work led to a technique using found objects as a masking element that afforded me an efficient way to impose architectural and sacred geometry juxtaposed on organic surfaces such as human skin, the leaf or bone. - Michael Rosner, Eye Level Studio

Photography Credits: Tas LimurTim EngleDavid Gueringer, Chad Michael Ward 

Michael Rosner 419274_10150651584524088_1059706886_n michael rosner body paint 2 IIHIH michael rosner body paint 4 IIHIH

Michael Rosner 10322606_10152338723309088_4260266059186915872_n Bastet-I-by-David-Gueringer-and-Michael-Rosner VEX Bodypainting EYE LEVEL STUDIO

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