The Bell Jars of Danny Van Ryswyk

Voyager Danny van Ryswyk

Featured Artist: Danny van Ryswyk

Danny van Ryswyk works digitally, producing prints and 3D sculptures of moody and contemplative characters, often within dark themes and settings. While his older works are reminiscent of other contemporary pop surrealists works – we love Danny’s newer works, which are evolving with a strong sense with their own identity. Sometimes encased in bell-jars, they’ve a Victorian feel of scientific specimens from another era. Painstakingly painted in tiny details and often dressed in vintage clothes, they can be surrounded by scenic tableaus, and/or holding symbolic stage-like props. Danny’s sculpts capture the past and can echo a brave new world – in an impressively beautiful and hypnotic way.

“Because my work is made in a digital environment, 3D printing is an interesting new method to get my work out of the computer. You know… I do not consider it important that it is made of polymer, clay or porcelain. What is important are the final results, the realization of the idea, not the 3D-printing technology itself. That is just a way to get there.” — Danny van Ryswyk

Danny van Ryswyk - Eclectix

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