The Artitectures of Evol

Evol is a Berlin based artist, a whiz at urban streetscapes. He quickly paints street art with stencils – apartment buildings on city structures. His “fine art” paintings are done on cast-off cardboard boxes, specially chosen for their ironic markings. And he has built whole cities as fantastic installations. 
From Jonathan Levine Gallery: The artist carefully selects materials with a weathered appearance to use as his canvases, representing the neglected quality of low-income housing in Berlin. Evol achieves extremely convincing architectural illusions through clever incorporation of torn edges, dents, tape fragments, box markings and exposed corrugated textures. Believing the character and history of any space is worn on its façade, like scars on skin, Evol’s works convey elements of urban decay and remnants of a turbulent history in a post-wall, pre-gentrified East Berlin. In the artist’s words: “clean surfaces don’t speak to me, so recording these marks is a process of visually remembering the charm of a place that will soon be painted over.”
LINK – To Evol’s website

This was originally published June- 2012
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