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Eclectix-  Sumo


Featured Artist: Sumo

Eclectix recently ran across the works of Sumo, brightly colored and full of pop, they mix his previous street art styles on canvas in a happy way. His main character is a crazy baldhead type of guy in various incarnations, and his style reminds us a bit of Barry McGee meets Peter Max. The crooked smile of his characters implies someone up to no good – almost like the sneer of a Mafia thug. Mixed with bright bubbles and riots of color and patterns – the two make a nonsensical juxtaposition, in a great way.


Eclectix - Sumo


 Sumo, also known as Christian Pearson, grew up and lives in Luxembourg. He attended school in London and works with various friends and groups such as Insa, Alëxone, Cone the Weird, Spike & Stick, Erosie, Vhils, Microbo, Dave the Chimp, Rutger Termohlen, Collin van der Sluijs and Graphic Surgery.

Sumo made his first foray into the world of graffiti in the 1990s, he has since become a major player on the Luxembourg street art scene. His style, characterized by thick brush strokes and bright colors, incorporates childhood cartoons with symbols of contemporary popular culture. The duality and the contrast between apparent geniality and bad attitude are at the heart of his work.


Eclectix featured artist - Sumo

Eclectix featured artist - Sumo

Eclectix featured artist - Sumo

Eclectix - Sumo


 Sumo says his main influences are Heavy Metal album covers, 90′s Skateboard designs, pop art, Dadaism and graffiti.

I try not to look at and get influenced by other people’s work, but that’s impossible…

 The piece I’m most proud of at the moment is this diptych (below). It works in 4 ways, you can assemble them as you like and you can repeat them to create a pattern. My next body of work will focus entirely on these kind of paintings.


Eclectix featured artist - Sumo doublebusy2-lores


 LINK: To Sumo’s website here.

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