The Art of Agostino Arrivabene


Featured Artist: Agostino Arrivabene

Agostino Arrivabene is an Italian artist, creating incredible surreal impossibilities with an old master’s skill set. Falling into the deep category of Wunderkammern “rooms of wonders”, they are mystical visions from inside the artist’s head – sharing a world of wonderment. From humans who grow coral wreath limbs – to floating spirits shaped like microscopic parasites, his work takes us to all the right places.

Below, some words from Agostino, via Weird Fiction Review:

Agostino Arrivabene lives and works in a seventeenth century iron-gated house outside Milan. His home provides the secluded, protected environment in which he finds the solitude and space necessary to create his stunning paintings.

Arrivabene says, “My house is like a nautilus shell wherein time has stopped. Inside you will encounter a rarefied atmosphere where … scarlet velvet mingles with coral-colored walls, and ancient, deformed animals watch over my slow, artist’s movements, and where the window seeps in northern light which floods the floors a blue pearl color, much like that of the exhumed dead. I live just as certainly as a hermit or an old ghost, a sweet dog by my side and a Ukrainian maid who looks after me from time to time.”



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LINK: To Agostino’s website here.

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