Tequila! The Mexican Museum In Fort Mason

Ray Martin Abeyta Eclectix

Ray Martin Abeyta

The current exhibition at The Mexican MuseumThe Tequila Don Julio Collection, is a recent acquisition to their permanent collection. This show is up through the weekend, ending Jan. 6th, 2013 (although the pieces may still be on display somewhere, since it is part of their collection.) It features “the cutting-edge vitality of some of today’s most engaging Mexican and Mexican American Artists.”  Unfortunately they did not serve us up a shot of Don Julio… dang it!

Francisco Fernandez Taka Eclectix

Francisco Fernandez Taka

Caleb Duarte Eclectix

Caleb Duarte

If you haven’t been to the Mexican Museum in Fort Mason – now would be a great time to partake. Located down by the beautiful bay, it is a great place to wander and linger – with other galleries, cafes, historic buildings and a farmer’s market on Sundays. The Tequila Collection comprises quite a few wonderful pieces, including one by the fabulous Camille Rose Garcia (below). I would love to see them host a solo show of Camille’s works, what a perfect local venue for her!

reindeer army camille rose garcia


Their permanent collection is also really engaging, more than a few pieces we would love to take home. Sacred art, folk-based crafts, portraiture and surreal contemporary art. The images featured here are just a few of our favorites from both shows.

Link to the Mexican Museum, Fort Mason, San Francisco


mexican museum eclectix

Gustavo Montoya Eclectix

Gustavo Montoya

Gustavo Monroy Mexican Museum

Gustavo Monroy

 mexican museum eclectix

Participating Artists: Ray Martín Abeyta; Tania Candiani; Einar & Jamex de la Torre; Caleb Duarte; Francisco Fernández aka TAKA; Camille Rose Garcia; Michael Hernandez de Luna; Franco Mondini-Ruiz; Julio César Morales; Viva Parades; Tatiana Parcero; Marcos Ramírez aka ERRE; Jerónimo López Ramírez aka Dr. LAKRA; Jorge Rojas; Betsabeé Romero; and, Arturo Ernesto Romo.

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