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Aron J. Dubois


Featured Artist: Aron J. Dubois

 We are entranced by Aron J. Dubois’ tattoos and his art, and it’s obvious why. With it’s elegant vintage color palette it complements the skin in a subtle and beautiful old timey way. The flesh tones substitute wonderfully for the pink, tan, yellowed or worn antique paper. Aron takes inspiration from old tattoos and newer art – then turns them into his own vision. Each piece reflects his eye, soul and style, despite it’s origin.


Eclectix - Aron J. Dubois

Aron J. Dubois


From a Ladies And Ink interview:

The images the turn of the century manifested will always be the most compelling to me.  The old tattoo photographs of the early 1900′s have completely shaped the way I approach tattooing and I try everyday to get closer to my desired appropriation of those images.  I like to ascribe my imagination to those old photos seeing a folklore of ethereal magic that was sophisticated and important.  Tattooing then was still occult and taboo, and I wish it was still like that.

Any artist must have an outside hobby, especially tattooers.  It is so essential to being a balanced human being.  Tattooing is one of the hardest and most stressful mediums; it taxes your mind, body, and spirit.  Not having outside hobbies turns you into a one-dimensional boring person.  I tried doing tattoo-related hobbies outside of work and I ended up pulling my hair out.  I was dabbling into machine building and I found that it detracted from my tattoos because I couldn’t give them enough focus.  After that I fell back to doing what I’ve always done- cycling, reading, and writing.  I’ve never been inclined to the conventional tattooer hobbies like choppers, playing in a metal band, or smoking pounds of weed (this seems to be the trade commodity these days); it’s so cheesy to me.  I always love meeting a tattooer who has a completely unexpected hobby, It’s incredibly refreshing and challenges the tattooer stereotype.  I believe the more well-rounded you are in life, the more inclined your art is to growth.


Eclectix - Aron J. DuboisEclectix - Aron J. DuboisEclectix - Aron J. Dubois


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