liam barr interview - eclectix

Liam Barr, An Eclectix Artist Interview

New Zealand artist Liam Barr creates fantastical portrait narratives which spark questions and hook us with surreal, old world mystery. ( Witness the masterpiece above, his killer portrait of the writer Katherine Mansfield! )  Liam’s finely honed skills communicate with delicacy, insight and compassion on the human condition.

Eric Joyner at work in his new studio, in SF

Eric is a local San Francisco artist with a groovy penchant for donuts and robots flavored with a dash of Magritte symbolism. He grew up in the Bay Area and pursued his schooling here as well. From Eric’s glib & fun biography: “Joyner’s mother was a Methodist who would bribe her young son with donuts to go to Sunday school. His father, an atheist, said mean stuff about Jesus behind his wife’s back. Despite their differences of opinion on God, the Joyners built a loving home for their children and nobody grew up to be too weird.” Eric is a sometimes-shy, sometimes-not, kinda guy with a satirical, dry wit, painting wonderfully engaging landscapes. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that he kind of looks like Captain Kirk. He showed with Eclectix a few times, back in the day, and his works always carried us away, to a comic-book-land of greenery and space-age nostalgia.

Amy Kollar Anderson

Amy Kollar Anderson lives with her husband and their four cats in the birthplace of aviation (Dayton, Ohio), where she also works for the Rosewood Gallery. When she is not painting, she volunteers time with the kitties at the SICSA Animal Shelter and makes art with the kids at the Daybreak Youth Shelter. Her narrative based work is a circus of brilliant colors, swirling patterns with illustrative pop characters and wildlife. Amy also incorporates science and microbes into many of her works. Each is a visual aquarium of glistening, crazy-daisy goodness – a kaleidoscope of graphic textures – packing a powerful punch.