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Featured Artist: Stuart Griggs
Stuart Griggs paints highly imaginative visionary images exploding with psychedelic spiritualism. Bright and brilliant colors flow and expand from mandala-like central themes – resulting in beautiful, transformative mind trips. Originally from Wales, he currently lives and works in Brighton, England.


 ”Although art school stimulated my creativity, I felt uninspired by the conventional art world, that insists on ‘objectively’ contextualising everything into an often fixed, narrow ontology, and acceptable historical referencing. Thereby stifling the relational depth, sense of idealism and higher possibilities that art can aspire to.
I had a desire to follow a deeper calling, to make work with authentic visual and emotive power. This creative reincarnation was also part of an inner process of meaning making, development and transformation in my life.
My work emerges  intuitively – it feels like I am tapping into something intrinsic and vital that resides within. I slowly tease it out, exploring composition through drawing with pencils and ink then onto an electronic tablet. It involves tuning into imaginal space, exploring symbolism adding  and omitting elements. With a lot of faith and then a quietening of the mental chatter, the form and content starts to emerge like magic. At times it is about obsessive persistence, working through obstacles – and other times it is a deep mediative flow.
It is a cross cultural fusion that utilises new technology, while integrating archaic elements. Shamanic motifs and stylistic influences from – symbolism, surrealism, abstraction, and contemporary illustration. It mirrors our times, with a boundary dissolving shift in perspective. In a time of socio political and environmental crisis, the works offer a paradigm of interconnectivity and healing within ourselves and nature.”
– Stuart Griggs


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