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Every year during Art Basel in Miami many fantastic artists converge to create stunning murals and street art. This year for Art Basel 2014, we thought we’d compile our favorites  of the newest street art. Much of the art is curated by the Wynwood Walls project, a warehouse district that has become a street complex of giant canvases, evolving into the city’s trendiest arts district, since 2009.

 ”We have strived for a diverse representation of both American and international artists that encompasses everything from the old school graffiti artists to the newest work being created around the world. The project has truly evolved into what my friend Jeffrey Deitch calls a Museum of the Streets,” – Tony Goldman

For 2014, a major player has been the Raw Project (Reimagining Arts in Wynwood) at the Jose De Diego Middle School. A low income school suffering from cutbacks and stripped of its art funding, the walls were dreary and blank. Science coach Catalina Hidalgo put out a call for help and now the school walls have been transformed into multiple inspiring visions. RAW has also launched a long term fundraising campaign.

For a map to much of the street art, go here.


Pixel Pancho was asked to paint a new piece for the Raw Project, resulting in this great two sided vision. (Top of post and below)

street art basel 2014 - Eclectix



Case Ma’Claim dedicated this new gorgeously emotive mural to a female student named Tugce Albayrak. She stepped between two young women and a man who was harassing them. He punched her in the face. The blow was fatal. It happened near Frankfurt around the time Case started to paint this wall.

case maclaim basel 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.21.19 PM

 Case also created these colorful hands, embracing humanity at the Wynwood Walls.

IMG_0344 street art basel 2014 - Eclectix




Along with the opening of their solo exhibition at Mana in Wynwood, the German based duo known as Herakut rocked the streets of Miami with a gigantic new piece entitled “I Dreamt I Was a Human. It Was a… Nightmare”.

street art basel 2014 - Eclectix

IMG_2103 IMG_2107



Austrian street artist Nychos showcased his well known style of dissecting animals using Miami Beach’s iconic mascot, the flamingo – and an incredible exploded view of a giant panther fight scene.

street art basel 2014 - Eclectix IMG_9271-630x945

street art basel 2014 - Eclectix



Taking inspiration from the painting by Max Ernst “The Black Forest”, this artwork is the first wall featuring 2501‘s new experimental lines texture.

street art basel 2014 - Eclectix IMG_8314



The British street artist Dface completed a few murals, both showing his signature couple characters in Wynwood. Continuing his themes of relationships, the first piece is titled “Is The Answer LOVE”. And the second piece is a sweet mural collaboration with Branded Arts.

IMG_0359 street art basel 2014 - Eclectix

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.14.13 AM



The London Police with their newest mural at Lombardi Properties Headquarters in Wynwood, with David Lombardi.




Whimsical Norwegian artist Martin Whatson brought two new stencil pieces -“Dancer” and “My Kingdom For A Crown”,  to the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School.

street art basel 2014 - eclectix IMG_2075




The British artist Hush quickly worked his way through this signature piece showing one of his asian muses combined with some graffiti patterns. If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find it on 2nd Ave and 25th.





Melbourne-based artist RONE spent a few hours working on one of his new ladies, this beautiful portrait is based on one of his Muses, Jenny Perez.

IMG_2131 IMG_2132



The Irish street artist Fin DAC completed some new murals depicting his signature Asian ladies. The first piece is located at the Jose De Diego Middle School and the second piece can be seen at Suviche, 2751 North Miami Avenue.

IMG_0671 unnamed-19



Puerto Rican street artist Bik Ismo created this fantastic metallic dog mural at the Jose De Diego Middle School. The piece took about four days and was completed entirely with spray paint, reflecting objects and scenes from the surrounding area.

10846126_851001991602892_6564146725748051652_n streetartnews-870361558461632232_10429274




Alexis Diaz and Faith47 teamed up for this gigantic piece – The Art of Collaboration at Wynwood Walls.

The image reflects on the different layers of sensuality. Eros is the greek god of love and desire, the word desire comes from the latin word ‘de sidus’ which means ‘of the star’. The intensity of how we look to a partner to complete us somehow. Perhaps sensual desires could be reflective of a deep yearning to return to the source. - Faith47

eros - faith47 - alexis diaz 01 eros - faith47 - alexis diaz 9

A special thanks to all the websites out there for the mural photos and especially the  Street Art News.



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