Street Art Anatomy: Nychos

street anatomy art

Sunday Street Art: Nychos

Nychos has an upcoming solo show here in San Francisco - ‘Street Anatomy’ featuring his fantastical anatomical artworks. It’s nice to be able to feature a great local exhibit and new art for our Sunday Street Art posts!  Austrian street artist, Nychos is recognized world wide for his unique style with distinct anatomical explosions as subject matter. He has just completed a killer new mural in Haight Ashbury (above) in time for his show. The dissected tiger (below) was completed by Nychos on a building in the Tenderloin area of SF.


Nychos was born in 1982 in Styria, Austria where he grew up in a hunting family. Getting confronted by the anatomy of dead animals at an early age and being an 80’s kid with an interest for cartoons and heavy metal ended up being some of the ingredients which inspired him when he started graffiti and painting. Over the years he developed a distinctive style which stands out – his dissections and cross sections of human and animal bodies are easily recognized. The focus and reinterpretation of dissected motives in a combination of colorful outlines can be seen as his branding. He has also founded an art collective and studio space in Vienna with the very clever and fun name of Rabbit Eye Movement.

“I always saw the Rabbit Eye Movement as an Homage to all the “Rabbits” out there being active in the urban art Movement – doesn’t matter what kind of mission they are following.”

Street Anatomy opens Friday, April 18th, 7:00pm

FIFTY24SF Gallery located in Lower Haight, San Francisco

fifty24sf exhibit



street anatomy art

nychos street anatomy

nychos street anatomy


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