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Featured Artist: Storm Tharp

Oregonian Storm Tharp’s portraits are strange emotive character studies, often distorted and obscured to the verge of being expressionist. Starting out as representational, they evolve into muddled, smeared and abstracted versions of the beginning image – giving them alternate identities. He even supplies his subjects with names, histories and narratives. Storm’s inspirations include 1970s American cinema and Japanese portrait prints.

Storm builds his mixed media characters by first drawing contours on the page with water. Before the water has a chance to dry, he applies drops of ink, letting them bleed across the paper. Then he begins to such as draw and erase, resulting in the final image.

“My work can be distilled in two distinctive points of interest. One would be the tradition of the hand made object and its inherent ability to reflect nature. This is often a technical aspect that imbues its own meaning and beauty into the subject. The subject is almost always ripped from pop culture, and reflects various attributes of contemporary and historical life.” - Storm Tharp, via PDX Contemporary Art

storm tharp - eclectix

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