The Apparitions of Stephan Balleux




Featured Artist: Stephan Balleux

When we stumbled on the paint smeared faces of Stephan Balleux, we couldn’t take our eyes off them. Abstracted areas of portraits, features replaced by gobs and mounds of swirling goopy wonderful paint. Sometimes the depth of the blob he has actually rendered – fooling one’s eyes. The personas present themselves menacing and cold, others like eruptions of anatomical musculature turned inside out. Faces morph into distorted twisted versions of themselves. Somehow (impossibly as most the face is obscured), one can still recognize David Bowie in a finished piece, ( below).



bowie Stephan Balleux

409 Stephan Balleux

Balleux makes plaster casts of people’s faces and covers them with oil paint before photographing them and then painting. He attended art school in Brussels at the age of fourteen and he lives in Berlin, but sells his work in Belgium.


402 Stephan Balleux


In another series, Stephan takes his apparitions indoors (below).

They float menacingly in the middle of a living room or as a dark incarnation – morphing over a bed. Floating in mid-air like spirits from a horror movie, ready to consume the surroundings. The presentation is documentary-like, capturing a hallucination made real, in black and white vintage suburbia.



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