Scott Hove’s Cakeland – Blowing Out The Candles In Oakland

scott hove cakeland

Scott Hove’s Cakeland

Artist Scott Hove, our favorite local master of teeth, art, design and all things cake, will soon be closing down his monumental Cakeland in Oakland. Scott is moving to Los Angeles where he just purchased a warehouse, downtown. If you haven’t had a chance to wander through Cakeland, his strange fantasia of decorated creamy artworks – make sure you don’t miss this last local chance to take a trip through the gargantuan installation!

Cakeland Open House

June 13th, 20th and 21st – From 3 – 7 pm.

5600 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA


Scott is a fantastic artist with mad construction skills and the versatile ability to excel at many mediums. Early on, Eclectix was fortunate to exhibit many of Scott’s works in our previous gallery space – from his monumental gigantic canvas paintings (a favorite painting – “AnimaSola”, is directly below) to his many cake inspired works. Shared here are some photos we took at our last visit during the wonderful High Fructose book release party held there in 2013. We can’t recommend this venue enough – outstandingly original, creative and different – absolutely our favorite “installation art’ exhibit we’ve ever seen and it’s right here in Oaktown!


Cakeland is an art amusement park, a disco fun house mirrored labyrinth, a wonderland of frosted swirls, curly-Q’s and peaked flourishes. Outrageous fierce animal jaws yawn open from the walls, juxtaposed against soft creamy princess pinks. Intricate designs impeccably executed, adorn glittering pimped out platform shoes – covered in cherries and fetish spikes. Around every corner are wonderful little niches or portholes, revealing antique oddities and specimen collections. Humorous signs and vintage objects peek out randomly, when you least expect them. It is a veritable cake castle with corniced columns and altars – standing in sacred homage to the art of fake sugar.

If you want to give your Dad a cake to remember this Father’s Day – get on down to Oakland and pick up a piece. No need to refrigerate and such low-calorie goodness!

scott hove's cakeland

IMG_1489 IMG_4814




IMG_4792 IMG_4862

“Experimenting with new media, especially decorative media not normally associated with fine art, is part of my search as a sculptor to keep my hands interested and to deliver my message with a clear impact. This body of work is a result of self-education, a lifelong interest in artificial food and objects, and an obsession with the relationship between the beautiful and the brutal.” – Scott Hove

In addition, don’t miss Scott’s solo show – Master of Rapacity – currently on exhibit through June 24th, at S.F.’s Hashimoto Contemporary.



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