Sammy Slabbinck’s Vintage Pop

Sammy Slabbinck art

Featured Artist: Sammy Slabbinck

Sammy Slabbinck’s vintage pop combines old magazine photographs within contemporary issues and styles. The images are cut up into pieces and redistributed, playing with composition – exaggeration, setting and proportions. Other times, the images are placed in a reverse context, juxtaposing modern ideals with traditional states of mind.

A Belgian artist, many of Sammy’s earlier works have a decidedly male eye – lots of cheesecake and kitsch nudes of playmates in funny misplacements. His more recent, classically surreal works are more to our taste – some with an excellent graphic punch. Pop culture icons and historical news bites land themselves within witty landscapes. People swim in cereal bowls and ranchers graze the hills of inner cities. Thoughtful and impossible scenarios that cause the eye to do a double take with wonderful studies of optical twists.

Sammy Slabbinck cereal bowls

Sammy Slabbinck - Eclectix

Sammy Slabbinck abbey road

Sammy Slabbinck - vintage collage


Sammy Slabbinck

Sammy Slabbinck's Vintage Pop


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