The Rich Portraits of Pam Hawkes

pam hawkes


Featured Artist: Pam Hawkes

The rich portraits of Pam Hawkes are decadent testaments to old styles and modern-day beauty, she creates a beautiful marriage of Renaissance style with contemporary subjects. Decorative motifs of antique florals weave in and out, sometimes comprising the costume’s fabric, others the backdrop. Gold leaf and purposely cracked, scratched surfaces add more implied history. In contrast, the direct gaze of the model is self-aware, schooled by current day camera views, unlike their 16th century predecessors. Intense and full of thought, their gazes are poetically suggestive of multiple meanings. Strong yet vulnerable, seriously contemplative, their expressions portray more than just a pretty face.



“The characters in my paintings don’t readily give away their stories; their histories of desire and love. But it is a seductive world that they seem to hint at, a place of myth-making and mystery. They invite us in at some level to speculate on the idealized memories of their lives and to give a second thought to the half forgotten fables we each collect and carry through our own world.”



pam hawkes






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