The Beguiling Beauties of Redd Walitzki

Redd Walitzki -Eclectix

Redd Walitzki’s painting (above) for the upcoming exhibit at Modern Eden knocked our socks off and we had to investigate further. She has gorgeous works, reminescent of Art Nouveau with their decorative swirling patterns and laser cut framing. Mostly alluring young women, some seductive, but all with an appealing secretive history. Fashionable and beautiful they contrast with added elements of dripping organic decay. Coral grows out of a cranium, mascara runs, beetles crawl and rats linger – Redd’s works comment on the transience of youth and cosmetic beauty. Her color palette is wonderful, ranging form Easter eggs pastels to rusty brown earth tones. Flowing gracefully within their realms, these nymphs project a spiritual strength deeper than the perfected skin they’re in.

Redd Walitzki is a working artist from Germany; now living in Pioneer Square (Seattle’s artist district). She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with her BFA in 2007 with a concentration in Painting, Video Animation and Printmaking.

LINK: to Redd’s website

You may see the piece above (and many other fantastic floral inspired works) in The Language of Flowers, a group show which opens in SF, May 11th, 2013 at Modern Eden.

redd walitzki-eclectix

Redd Walitzki - Eclectix

Redd Walitzki - Eclectix

Redd Walitzki - Eclectix

Redd Walitzki - Eclectix


Artists! – For those of you who would like to pursue the laser cut prints with your own works, we snooped around and found a source – here at Bellevue Fine Art. 

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