DESIGN: Record Albums On X-Rays

Flex-Ray Discs - Eclectix

Making record albums on X-Rays, just how cool is that? We love anything X-ray related and the marriage of music with bones is a slam dunk.  Not to mention the uber cool old radio tower logo emitting lightening vibes. A new record by Jack White is pressed and printed directly onto old medical X-rays. It is produced by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. These 7-inch glimpses into the lives of another body have been cleverly dubbed Flex-Ray Discs.

Another day, another unequivocally cool side project from Jack White and his boutique record label, Third Man Records—the place where vinyl fetishists can find things like tri-colored vinyl, black-and-white Flat Duo Jets reissues, and Carl Sagan seven-inches etched with Voyager Record illustrations to rub all over their pale, ramen-fed bodies. - Via Motherboard

The pairing of song and bone isn’t quite as nonsensical as it might seem at first. Andy Cush from Animal notes that during the Cold War, American music fiends would have to smuggle their beloved contraband back to the USSR, and the records would often be printed onto old x-rays. - Via Gizmodo

Below: Images of two Soviet X-ray records, Fred Astaire’s “Cheek to Cheek” printed on an x-ray of a pelvis (why not a cheekbone?) and W.C. Hardy’s “St. Louis Blues,” printed on the x-ray of a skull .

X-Ray Record - Eclectix

X-Ray Record - Eclectix

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