Ray Villafane, The Pumpkin King

Happy Halloween to all you tricksters out there!

Ray’s mad carving skills have been wowing us for years and today is the perfect time to have a (another) look at his masterful pumpkin creations. His detailed textures are over the top – carving sagging wrinkles, protruding grossities, rotten teeth and even tiny little pores in the skin of his victims. Above, is his recently completed zombie carved  at The New York Botanical Garden for their Haunted Pumpkin Garden event. Ray and his fellow artists at Villafane Studios created an amazing  Pumpkin Zombie scene out of three of the biggest pumpkins grown in the United States (one of which weighed in at 1,872 pounds).

Great video of Ray’s Zombie Pumpkin Garden at NYBG

“Giant pumpkins from across the United States are among the biggest the world has ever seen and they have been carved into a spooky tableau by master carver Ray Villafane of Food Network fame and his team of carvers. Transformed into an over-the-top sculptural display of zombies and other unearthly creatures, this year’s display includes a standing zombie pulling other zombies out of a pumpkin garden. Ray’s team includes carvers Andy Bergholtz (a current contestant on Food Network’s ”Halloween Wars”), Trevor Grove, Alfred Paredes, and Chris Vierra, who each contributed to the masterpiece and sculpted other 3-D and glowing works of art. On display in the Clay Picnic Pavilions just outside of the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden.” – Via The New York Botanical Garden

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