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Eclectix has been big fans of the artist duo Ransom & Mitchell, since way back in the day when they were known simply as “Purebred“. They have been up to no good as usual – creating outrageous elaborate tableaux and incredible artist portraitures.

Mixing it up with vintage and digital effects in their surreal visionary way. Creating fantastically detailed and strange sets apropos for each subject or theme; designing and  fashioning the costumes and makeup; building complicated fantasy backdrops and capturing the final photographic masterpiece. all this with the help of their talented staff and models, of course…

We thought it was time to take a look at some newer works of theirs and pass on the news of a number of upcoming exhibitions.


Ransom & Mitchell

Ransom & Mitchell

Ransom & Mitchell

The piece (above), “It Will Be Ours” (bigger version here), was inspired by what Scientist Jonas Salk once said:

If all the insects on the planet disappeared, life on earth would end. If all the humans on the planet disappeared, life on earth would flourish.


Across From Familiar

 Curated digital works

Reception: October 3rd  /  Exhibition Dates: October 3rd – November 2nd 2013

Roq La Rue, Seattle, WA


die Familie – (German for “the family”)

 A new series of “hysterical reenactments”, beautifully demented portraits of artists.

Reception: Oct. 5th, 5 – 9 PM / Exhibition Dates: Oct. 5th – Nov. 29th

Zero Friends Gallery, Oakland, CA


Hallow Be Thy Game

At this show, Ransom & Mitchell are officially debuting “It Will Be Ours” (above),  in a huge 60×40″ size, their biggest piece to date. The couture dress designer Kaytee Papusza, whom they worked with, will be bringing a model wearing the gorgeous fauna dress.  SaveNature.Org was asked to bring the same insects used in the shoot, as well. Amazing creatures! A portion of the proceeds of sales of the print “It Will Be Ours” will be donated to SaveNature.Org.

Reception: October 11th, 6-8 PM  /  Exhibition Dates: October 9th – November 9th

Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA


Ransom - Mitchell

Eclectix - Ransom & Mitchell

 Ransom and Mitchell


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