Photos From Laurie Lipton at Ace Gallery

It was so rewarding to see Laurie Lipton’s fantastically detailed works up close and personal after viewing them on the computer for so long. Each piece is a journey down the strokes of a graphite pencil line maze, each image offering up more the closer you look. Some whirl along with flowing movement toward their shapes while others cross-hatch and build steadily in layers. The newer works reflect quite a bit on the empty vain values of the darker side of LA – the Beverly Hills housewife, plastic surgery, selfish vanity, shopping as a religious career, robotic consumerism, demons & nightmares of mortality and society’s conflicted view of beauty. These strong works each have something to say and make no bones about getting in your face to say it.


L.A. Sous-Real is a wonderfully large show currently at Ace Gallery, on the 2nd floor of the vintage Desmond’s buiding on Wilshire. The exhibition is laid out with plenty of space and grace, the museum-style class Laurie’s works deserve. The historic art deco building was designed by Architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood in 1928. (Desmond’s was the first major structure on the Miracle Mile.) However, it is easy to walk by and miss if you aren’t looking at addresses, there isn’t any street level signage for the gallery. Am sharing here mostly cropped details I took, since the larger images of her works can be found at her website and all over the web. A signed large poster print is available at the gallery for only $30, while they last!





Detail of the skirt bottom ( from very top foto) – check out the skulls in the fringe!

5514 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036
T: 323.935.3388 F: 323.202.1082




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