brett amory artist eclectix interview

Brett Amory, The Eclectix Interview

Brett Amory creates urban landscapes, lovely smeared and dripping testaments of every day life on our city streets. The mundane and usual become substantial and iconic under his expressionistic brushstrokes. The corner store, vacant office buildings and vintage shop facades are transformed into timeless beauty. The lonely human condition – from homeless to commuters, students to shop keepers – all are equally important in Brett’s vision.  Each painting is based on a photograph which he takes on a daily basis while out and about various neighborhoods.

Jacub Gagnon fox nest

Featured Artist: Jacub Gagnon

 Toronto artist Jacub Gagnon creates dramatic works that are flawless representations of the animal kingdom with surreal props spotlit against black backgrounds. Detailed anthropomorphic characters act out their tales on his stage – stoic and stately, full of grace and contemplation. Whether growing long beards or balancing teacups on their heads, his critters are soulful beauties interacting with one another in a whimsical and lovely scenario.

last supper

The Photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto

Eclectix recently visited the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco and we were enthralled with the huge Hiroshi Sugimoto prints covering a gallery wall.  Titled “The Last Supper: Acts of God”, the five-panel photograph more than 24 feet in length, was damaged and eroded with a beautiful decay.

Anatomy body painting

Anatomical Body Paintings: Johannes Stoetter

Johannes is an Italian painter who uses a real human body as his canvas for a wild variety of subjects. His anatomical series is wonderful – nothing like turning things inside out. It reminds us of those old invisible man models you could build at home with the see thru plastic skin.

Alina Chau

Alina Chau has a light, delicate and whimsical touch, which hearkens us back to  early Sixties poster art – illustrations touched by magic and hope. Youthful innocence and fairy tale kingdoms float softly through her watercolors, often embellished with decorative patterns. There is a unique freedom and positivity to her images, gestural looseness and a contagious childlike love of life. She has an upcoming solo show Voyage, in the Elmwood district of Berkeley, featuring her travel and landscape inspired works.

scott hove cakeland

Scott Hove’s Cakeland

Artist Scott Hove, our favorite local master of teeth, art, design and all things cake, will be closing down his monumental Cakeland in Oakland. Scott is moving to Los Angeles where he just purchased a warehouse, downtown. If you haven’t had a chance to wander through Cakeland, his strange fantasia of decorated creamy artworks – make sure you don’t miss this last local chance to take a trip through the gargantuan installation!