Bruno Walpoth

Italian woodworker and artist, Bruno Walpoth carves incredibly lifelike figurative sculptures which stand quietly, as solitary souls in between stages of life and purpose. Vulnerable, unsure and pensive – they seem like newborn adults, brought to life by the hand of the artisan.

Arthur Tress

Foto Fix: Arthur Tress

Every now and then there is an artist that everyone else knows about – yet we have just discovered – and Arthur Tress is one of these. Although individual images have hooked our eyes over the years, (for instance the Halloween children, above) – we never put it all together – as one artist and one body of work. There is just too much wonderful vision out there to keep track of it all!  We wanted to share Tress’s works with you, in case there is a soul yet to be exposed…

Alicia Martin Lopez

Featured Artist: Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez oddities are like mutated creatures from a science fiction novel, alien beings creeping forth from her dark imagination.  Cast against empty barren backgrounds with titles like “Elephant Man” and “Evolution”- they crawl or float, waiting in suspended in time.

Ethan Murrow

Featured Artist: Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow is a graphite master creating dramatic large drawings, detailed depictions of the improbable and fantastical. Pushing the boundaries of perspective and reality, his collaborative works seem like surreal optical illusions. His subject matter is strongly rooted in struggle – whether it be human, beast or machine.


Brooke Shaden, The Eclectix Interview

Brooke Shaden creates magically staged photographic narratives, with an abundance of self portrait based imagery. Raised in Amish country, she now calls Arizona her home where she works at her digital skills and fine art photography.  Using mostly herself as a model, the work is not necessarily about her – she acts as a medium, puling us into imaginative ghostly worlds.