Lin Shih-Yung - EclectixThe Bananarama of Lin Shih-Yung (Shih Yung Lin)

We just love Lin’s bizarre paintings of banana people, placed in everyday scenarios – using chopsticks, pouring tea and sometimes in random playful gymnastic positions. They are wonderfully off-the-wall and truly surreal in every sense of the word. His imagery has a vintage palette, speaking of warm lost days.


Featured Artist: Ellen Jewett

Ellen Jewett is an Ontario artist with a background in Anthropology as well as Fine Art. This crossover is evident in her subject matter, uniting science and art into a sculptural fantasy. Her work is a trip to a natural history museum, interpreted into surrealist sculpture. The result is a beautiful morphing of nature, into beings that aren’t real, but that we really wish were…


Dorote Zaukaite

Dorote Zaukaite’s beautiful art dolls are pensive deep thinkers, exquisitely adorned and fashioned in poetic poses. Their gesture and implied movement is beguiling with an astounding attention to minute detail. Each doll’s garment is finely crafted, replicating original and creative textiles worthy of museum display. She uses many different materials – resin casts, porcelain clay, wire, glass and semiprecious beads, feathers, embroidery, countless various scraps of textiles, mohair fibers, paint, paper and even some whiskers form her dog! Gracefully serene yet torn by life, her sculptures reflect Victorian romance and fairy tales, mixed with darkly modern turbulence, right down to extraordinary platform shoes.

Brian Mashburn, Contenders



Exhibit Preview: Brian Mashburn, Contenders

Coming up in Los Angeles this weekend is a solo exhibit by Brian Mashburn, titled Contenders. His beautiful landscapes feature deserted cities, wildly majestic tangled trees, and usually one other lonely life form perusing a damaged misty environment.


liam barr interview - eclectix

Liam Barr, An Eclectix Artist Interview

New Zealand artist Liam Barr creates fantastical portrait narratives which spark questions and hook us with surreal, old world mystery. ( Witness the masterpiece above, his killer portrait of the writer Katherine Mansfield! )  Liam’s finely honed skills communicate with delicacy, insight and compassion on the human condition.