Paul Lewin - Eclectix


Paul Lewin, An Eclectix Artist Interview

Paul Lewin is a wonderful San Francisco Bay Area artist with a sublime surreal vision. Those of you who visited our brick and mortar gallery, back in the day – may remember his outlandish meditations – in group exhibitions, as well as in his solo show. Liberally dosed with H.R. Giger influence, his works were riveting, darkly intense images, with haunting eyes and swirling reptilian patterns.

Odd Nerdrum - Eclectix

Exhibit Preview: Odd Nerdrum, Pupils of Apelles

 Opening this weekend in L.A. is Odd Nerdrum’s Pupils of Apelles exhibition, a definite must-see show full of masterful works which cross all boundaries in the art world, with visionary grace and aplomb.

Odd Nerdrum has a very interesting persona in addition to his paintings, with a wealth of insight and perspectives on contemporary art.

Heather McKey - Eclectix

The Wonderbirds of Heather McKey are delightful, imaginary feathered creatures with brilliant colorations and large human-like soulful eyes, embellished with organic forms. Sometimes they take on an anthropomorphic presence or merge with other lifeforms – sporting butterfly wings, dressed in pinecones or transported by shells.

Truppe Fledermaus - Eclectix

Exhibit News: Truppe Fledermaus, The Carnival at the End of the World

Starting this weekend at the Carl Hammer Gallery is what looks to be a stunning, interesting and inspiring show by the collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Titled “Truppe Fledermaus & The Carnival at the End of the World,” the artists’ imaginative series utilizes photography, painting, drawing, prints and sculptures – in their visual narratives.

Daria Endresen - Eclectix

Featured Artist: Daria Endresen

A photographer, model and digital artist, Daria Endresen was born in Norway and currently lives in Paris. Daria’s subjects are otherworldly – resembling alien victims from a prison camp. With shaved heads and pale, ghostly corpse-like flesh, they are often stretched and pulled at, with roots or strings like a puppet or a suture. Her beings struggle – pulling apart or together, robot like and sedated with implied emotions.