Interior Design: Atomic Fixtures

When we spotted these cool rocket faucets which time travel back to 1950′s spaceships or airplanes, we had to dig further. Made by Lefroy Brooks, (the ones pictured above and below) – are from their 1950 Belle Aire series. Sweet n’ sleek, atomic powered design.


The madness of Michael Tunk is wonderful collage, with twisted elements of fun, sarcasm and healthy doses of Dada thrown in. Using vintage, found materials mixed with current imagery he manages to skew normal perception into a freshly bizarre and unique take.

Bipolar -tom haney

Tom Haney’s little people are articulated doll sculptures which Eclectix happened upon at Red Truck Gallery. Inspirations of folk / Victorian / outsider art – they engaged and enthralled us. Some of the sculpted figures are set in antique theater inspired dioramas and some stand alone.  These are works that really need to be appreciated in person, their 3D liveliness beguiles you with charm.

Cabinets of Wonder book

Book Nook: The Cabinets of Wonder Book

Cabinets of Wonder  (also known as Cabinets of curiosities, Kunstkabinett, Kunstkammer, Wunderkammer and wonder-rooms) are encyclopedic collections of objects popular in Renaissance Europe. The objects usually included belong to natural history (sometimes faked), geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art (including cabinet paintings), and antiquities.

bex freund artist


 Eclectix Interview With Artist Bex Freund


Last month, Eclectix attended Bex Freund’s week-long solo show - The Bottled Nova Must Feed Still,  and we were blown away by her ferocious intensely moving works. Swirls and swatches of textured layers contort their dramatic subjects, 
exploding off her canvas in brilliant color. Her palette reminds us of the super saturated early days of color film in Italian cinema – deep Indigo blues contrasted with red-hot lavas. A mixture of surrealism, science fiction scenarios and a female under the influence of German Expressionism – all united by brushstrokes of fast and furious glorious movement.